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Performance Testing Services

Track, Monitor, and Improve your App’s Performance with our Performance Testing Services


Performance Testing Services

Who doesn’t need their apps to perform their best and awe the end-users?


Well, our performance testing services at Lesedi La Sechaba Holdings help enhance the functional performance of your web/mobile apps besides increasing the speed of release and ensuring customer loyalty. We also help improve your brand value and see that every software product caters to the needs of the market in security, scalability, and user experience. 

Software workloads are increasing with every passing day. Through performance testing, we also ensure that your app or software can surpass the workload expectations of end-users with minimum issues. Our performance tests are conducted in an almost real-world scenario to see if the software matches the required criteria.

Here, you need to note that repeated performance tests release a load of data that needs to be analyzed and managed effectively. Not everyone is capable of that. At Lesedi La Sechaba Holdings, we have advanced data set-up and management systems in place to take care of the huge load of data that is created with continuous testing. We also scale each test to the capacity of the environment to give reliable results. Besides all that, our team also constantly monitors the background processes during the tests to identify and source performance issues and resolve them faster.

Salient features of our performance testing services:

Besides using open source and premium tools, our performance test engineers also specialize in coding and developing custom tests for software products. Some of the features of our performance testing services are:

At Lesedi La Sechaba Holdings, we leverage cutting-edge technology to measure and analyze the performance of any application or software under a variable environment. As we employ industry-standard practices, our performance testing services do not increase your software development budget to a huge extent. For example, we use cloud-based laboratories to create a real-world environment for our testing procedures. These apart, we also monitor and track testing data to give real-world results. That is not all! We have also partnered with the world’s best toolset providers to get advanced tools and systems at our disposal to run the tests seamlessly. 

If you are still not convinced to opt for our performance testing services, give us a call. We will help you understand its significance without forcing any deal. Ready to chat?

Frequently Asked Questions

In Software Development Lifecycle, the testing method that highlights the performance of the system when applied to a specific load, represents the Performance Testing. With this method of testing developers get the diagnostic data needed to identify and remove any bottlenecks in the development process. This process of testing mainly pivots on how fast the system works including the system’s benchmarks and standards. It basically includes Quantitative Test, the test which is done in the lab and Qualitative Test, the test done in a production-like environment.

The Enthusiastic Performance Team of Lesedi La Sechaba Holdings, measures the stability of software under load using the latest technology, that helps our client to get the high- quality services at a considerable cost in minimum time. We provide the following top solutions that makes us a Leading Performance Testing Company:

  • To simulate real-word traffic from anywhere in the world, we have our cloud – based test laboratories.
  • To identify any bottlenecks at an early stage, we constructively include performance tests into the development process.
  • Our partners include best toolset providers from the industry. 
  • All the real -world Performance Test Data are checked out and run by us.

For the early detection of software vulnerabilities, Performance testing is an important part in software development life cycle. The various benefits of Performance Testing Services in SDLC are:

  • Software’s’ speed, accuracy , and stability are evaluated.
  • Identifying the software or hardware issues.
  • Better load capacity and optimization.
  • Identifying the fundamental features of software.
  • Verifying and resolving bottlenecks.
  • Users are much satisfied with performance testing of software.
  • Application performance of different devices.