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Continuous Testing Services

Improve your DevOps Pipeline with Continuous Testing


Continuous Testing Services

Continuous Testing Services

The digital world of today is highly competitive. To stay ahead of the curve in technology and software development, you need to ensure that the products that your company is developing are on par with changing user expectations and the constantly-transforming digital ambiance. To achieve that goal, you will need the expert team at Lesedi La Sechaba Holdings to assess, monitor, track and test your software and technology products to see if they meet the industry standards. Our continuous testing services exactly meet that criterion.

The Tech-savvy team at Lesedi La Sechaba Holdings use innovative methods to enhance the testing processes on par with next-generation standards. With our continuous testing services at your back, software and digital products are developed and released at a high speed without compromising quality. We help detect any bugs or fixes that need to be made before the product is launched in the marketplace. Be it a basic module, a software product, or any app that needs an upgrade, our continuous testing services ensure immediate fixes and zero risk in the end product.

The calculated efforts also help newer modules to be tested faster. Besides, it also hastens the release cycles, making update releases frequent and seamless. Continuous testing also helps analyze business risk coverage and take necessary steps in advance. Improving test coverage speeds up the turnaround time while identifying and resolving issues at an early stage in the development cycle.

Our continuous testing delivery cycle includes:
Why do you need our continuous testing services?

Many tech companies today are losing it out in the market competition owing to several factors, like:

At Lesedi La Sechaba Holdings, we can resolve these issues and enhance your brand value to help your company secure its place in the cut-throat competition. Our continuous testing services and automation aspire to improve your dev environment and conduct in-depth, repeated checks to ensure product quality, sanity and performance. As a result, we ensure high-end optimization of your CI/CD pipeline for faster release.

In a nutshell:

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Software Testing that demands testing the software at all stages of the development lifecycle is the Continuous Testing in DevOps. It focuses on early and frequent testing to evaluate the software’s quality at each stage of the Continuous Delivery procedure.

Continuous Testing Services of Lesedi La Sechaba Holdings provides remarkable client success by:

  • Consulting and Down streaming Engineering.
  • Timely and non – intrusive consulting services.
  • Ensuring timely delivery with appropriate quality across all departments.
  • Cloud Computing and Containerization.
  • Hyper Automation and Reliability Engineering.
  • Continuous Testing Platform based on AI and ML.
  • Open source tools in a DevOps Test Lab.
  • The major objective of Continuous Testing is to find the extent to which business risks are covered.
  • It demands the execution of the appropriate set of tools at each level of the delivery pipeline without having any error.
  • A safety net is established by the Continuous Testing team to provide user experience by reducing software failures.
  • It makes the reliable test environment available and evaluates the test results for every test run.
  • Continuous Testing helps to get a quick insight of how a release candidate can be  unsafe for the delivery pipeline to proceed with.