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Functional Testing Services

Get your App Up and Ready with High-Scale Functional Testing Services


Functional Testing Services

Functional Testing

At Lesedi La Sechaba Holdings, we aim to make your apps/software deliver a-grade performance and ensure customer loyalty. Our extensive functional testing services enhance the stability, scalability, speed and other qualities of the app to maintain the company’s reputation in the long term. We ensure that your apps meet the standard expectations of your target users by thorough testing, bug fixing, and other services.

Speed is a crucial element in the performance of any app that may make or break your reputation as an app development company. Not always do all apps manage to meet the required standards under excessive workloads. Our functional testing team at Lesedi La Sechaba Holdings analyzes monitors and improves loading and performance speed of the app before its launch. They will also ascertain that your app does not stumble under the load, thus warranting user satisfaction.

How do we test the apps the right way?

We test apps in an environment that includes all the necessary features of the real-world at parameters like user load, security, stability, regression, and more. From load testing to endurance, scalability, and volume testing, our team makes the best efforts to identify issues and resolve them as soon as possible. You should note here that such real-life performance testing requires an advanced data setup and management system that can handle the large amounts of data being created in the repeated testing procedures. At Lesedi La Sechaba Holdings, we have all the necessary technology at our disposal to ensure a smooth functional testing process.

How do we identify performance issues, if any?

While testing the apps, we carefully analyze the background processes in the live environment that may affect the performance of the app being tested and monitor the same to identify performance issues. As we scale the tests to the individual capacities of the environment, the results are often in sync with the real-world scenario.

Why should you opt for our services?

Our functional testing services at Lesedi La Sechaba Holdings can help secure your company’s reputation by reducing the chances of crashes, bugs, and loading issues that may create discontent in the end-users. Through thorough and calculative testing procedures, we can present you with a fast-loading, scalable, reliable, and high-performing application/software for your end-users. We also reduce potential software vulnerabilities to ensure that your app does not crash under excessive workloads, changing environments or other adverse circumstances. By that, we work to enhance and maintain your company’s reputation to help build more applications to the end-users’ satisfaction.

Our functional testing services as a nutshell:

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Guidance, Validation, and Inspiration necessary for testing teams to develop high-quality software solutions are provided through Functional Testing. It mainly  compares the user specifications with the functionalities of apps to. The validation of the functionalities of software systems is the main goal of Functional Testing. It focus primarily on:

  • Core Functions
  • Fundamentals of User Interface
  • Accessibility 
  • Error Factors

The Functional testing team of Lesedi La Sechaba Holdings has a proven experience of providing top- quality QA, functionality testing and result-driven software testing across the industries. We provide customized software testing solutions in accordance with our client’s specific needs. Our expert team of testers have in-depth knowledge and experience with the diverse applications like mobile, tablets, desktops, clouds, browsers, and operating systems. We work on the automated testing framework which is refined with the project experience over years.

Functional testing mainly focuses on the essential functions of software and thus it largely relies on its requirements. Some of the benefits of Functional Testing are:

  1. Ensuring Client or end- user satisfaction.
  2. Guarantee of fulfilling all the requirements of the software.
  3. Assuring all the features of application, product or software are working effectively.
  4. Provides assurance and safety.
  5. Enhances the quality of the product.
  6. Minimizing the risk and losses associated with the software.
  7. Provides error free software or product.