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Why You Need An Effective Test Automation Strategy

Why You Need An Effective Test Automation Strategy

According to a research, the global automation testing market is likely to expand from $12.6 billion to $28.8 billion during the forecasting period 2019-2024. Apparently, companies are now opting automation solutions to rectify business problems. Automation Testing is one of such methods used by the companies to accelerate the software delivery at optimal pace.

Blueprint to Build Effective Automation Strategy

An effective automation strategy is the most powerful instrument for business to have accelerated releases and deliver a cohesive customer experience. Below are the steps one can take to build a fruitful automation strategy:

  • Recognizing The Test Automation Goals: Laying out precise goals is a crucial step to eliminate any chaos while conducting automation testing and get optimal results.
  • On-boarding The Right Set of People: People in the team must have hands-on experience in writing the scripts, running the tests, and checking the test failures. 
  • Plan the Testing Approach: Testing the approach includes ascertaining what requires to be automated, opting the level at which test is supposed to be written and finally deciding the type of test to be implemented.
  • Opting Automation Testing Framework: Test automation frameworks refers to the guidelines that need to be followed while writing and running the tests. Ideally, framework must be opted based on the requirements or needs of the firm.
  •  Choosing the Right Testing Tool: To ensure choosing a right testing tool, it’s important to check its compatibility with the current project’s technology stack, language support, operating system support, etc.
  • Setting up The Test Environment: It’s important to acquire the necessary hardware and software before running the test.
  • Design and Implement the Test Cases: While designing test scripts, firms needs to ensure that the scripts are reusable, well-structured, and properly documented. After framing the scripts, they need to be implemented using automation testing frameworks and tools.
  • Analyse and Test Results: Post executions, it’s imperative to analyse the test results and share the test outputs with all the stakeholders.
  • Maintaining Test scripts: It’s necessary to maintain test scripts so that they can be reused regression test or for testing a similar software.

Thus to lead the charts in terms of providing effective automation testing services across varied industries, follow these steps and get a team of experts in leading open-source and commercial automation tools.

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