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Project Management with JIRA

Project Management with JIRA

JIRA was created with software development in mind, however, because of its Kanban workflow management strategy, many project teams have started using it as a project management tool.

This is done with good intentions. Agile-optimized JIRA is a powerful solution with many benefits for project management.

Advantages of JIRA:

1) Your developers are currently using it. The development team already makes use of JIRA, for better or worse. Why switch to a different project management tool when the group is already using one? No need to keep everything in storage twice, am I right?

2) JIRA’s Kanban model, which is tailored for agile, makes task tracking exceedingly straightforward. The efficiency of Agile and Kanban is well established. Who needs project management software when JIRA has Kanban for task management? As long as everyone follows the procedure, the team can work.

A good deal for the money Considering that we currently pay for JIRA, there is no reason to spend more money on a new platform.

These are good explanations. However, there are disadvantages to using JIRA for project management, as you might anticipate.

Disadvantages of Jira:

1) The company’s non-R&D employees do not use it. Yes, JIRA is used by the software team. However, the marketing and design teams don’t, and for good reason. Why educate non-software professionals on a software platform just for project management when you can utilize a specialized and user-friendly platform for everyone instead when you need to train some teams on a new software platform?

2. JIRA There is no timetable provided for tasks, and there is no timeline view in project management. This is the main problem with using any other platform for project management. In the absence of a timeline feature, every task seems to be a standalone item. You cannot manage a project with numerous deadlines when no one can see the timeline! When used for projects, Kanban boards perform poorly. To try to manage a project by managing tasks is like trying to build a structure on top of a pit. You don’t have the basis to put everything in its right place.

3. JIRA Project management is deficient in features like load balancing and budget estimation, for example. Project managers need a range of tools to handle projects. The workload load balance is concealed in JIRA. It is not possible to track expenses with JIRA. 


JIRA project management services are helpful for planning upcoming releases, monitoring bugs, and controlling workflows. It is not intended to manage a full project. Without the required tools, project management is very difficult, and the project suffers as a result.

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